Branding is not just creating Advertisement

Brand Management, Branding and Advertisement often get miss-interpreted.

Brand Management is a process that involves market research, product identification, nomenclature, product positioning, market penetration strategies, market share, profitability, line extension, etc.

Branding is a process in which the identified positioning of the brand is reflected by using images/ icons, names, tagline which will remain in the minds of customer. The branding is multi-pronged and 3 major class of branding are corporate branding, personal branding, product branding. Generally people get confused it with advertisements. Advertisements are just a part of branding, but branding is not just an advertisement it has more things attached to it.

Designing a logo, brand name, tagline, advertisements, hoardings, etc are just a part of branding while brand management is the backbone for business scalability, profitability, strategic implementation, risk assessment and many more.

Brand Management is a vital element in healthcare industry; it is not just branding or advertisement, it’s about creating a business sustainability for the organization, reflection of why, what, when, how and whom; so as to echo the trust and transparency among the target audience. As on date trust and transparency are the most important parameters for developing a sustainable business.

We can create trust in our patients/ customers only through constant fulfilment of our commitment to the patients/customer, hence the minute details what we offer, what we deliver, how it is perceived and how it is reflected has to be studied prior to implementation. Reputation once lost is lost forever and hence multi-pronged understanding of our offerings has to be documented, and quantified in all aspects.

A short video on 1 aspect (new customer development) of Brand Management:


What is advertisement?

Advertisement is creation of brand communication by using the creativity and hence advertisements need to be fresh, innovative, and communicative that reflects brand positioning.

In nutshell:

  • Brands are created through effective brand management that will live for ages.
  • Branding stands for brand communication that reflects brand positioning.
  • Advertisement is a creative representation for brand communications.
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