Business Credibility

Around 250,000 products are getting launched every year in India only 5 to 10% standout

A decade of experience in global brand management and our reputed clients speaks for our business credibility.  We believe the end result of our activity is customer perceptions, business competence and consistent business promotions with assured return of investment.

Customer Perception

First impression always last, so we need to ensure good first impression but more importantly it should have a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Advertisement claims about corporate or product or service, need to meet or exceed customer expectations that provide positive perception about corporate or product or service. Whether it is a customer retention strategies or customer loyalty programs the focus need to be on customer experience and customer satisfaction.

According to 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer survey; Trust and Transparency are just as important to corporate reputation as the quality of products and services. In fact, in U.S., these two attributes even rank higher than product quality

Business Reliability

Regardless of product or service we must demonstrate reliability in the given field. We need to show data and statistics that are proof of company’s capability. What customers want is actual results. In healthcare branding, healthcare communications or pharmaceutical marketing what customers want is product/service benefits that are validated with absolute traceability.


Establishing credibility is not a one-time process it has to be created, maintained and enhanced on a daily basis. A small mistake can demolish the entire brand image hence consistency must be aligned with all processes involved in business operations, from advertising, business promotions, communication, to the marketing, and production.