Doctors Day – July 1

Happy Doctor’s Day!

The first doctor’s day was observed in US on 30th March 1933, and the date was the anniversary of the first use of general anaesthetic in surgery by Dr. Grawford Long.

In India Doctor’s day is celebrated on 1st July in memory of the birth anniversary Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was not only a physician but also a freedom fighter. He was instrumental in starting Indian Medical Association in the year 1928 and a plethora of reform organizations and hospitals for caring thousands of needy.

Dr. Roy’s commitment to the upliftment of India and his love for serving the poor led him to political arena. On the advice of Gandhi he became the first chief minister of West Bengal and held his position till his death. The nation honoured Dr. Roy with Bharat Ratna on 6th February 1961. After a life of committed service Dr. Roy passed away on 1st July 1962, on his birthday.

On this Doctor’s day we pay tribute to Dr. B.C. Roy and you for all the efforts to make India a healthier nation by sacrificing your personal preferences.

We pledge our commitment to partner with you in your noble pursuit.

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