Emotional branding

The business has shifted from production to consumption, from need to wants, from subjective to objective, and today consumers are making the buying decision based on their experience or feel about a product and its offer.Emotional branding is a highly effective way to cause reaction, sentiments and moods, ultimately forming brand experience, brand connection and brand loyalty with a company or product on rational or irrational level.

Many human decisions are controlled by emotions than logical reasoning and emotional branding targets the human at sub-conscious level and hence it is very powerful.

Following are the tips for effective emotional branding
  1. We need to think about consumers and consumer’s experience rather than products or service. We need to approach the customers as individual people who live, work, think and dream. Studying who the customers are, what the customer want are the pillars of emotional branding
  2. Create an emotionally compelling heartfelt advertisement that is eminently shareable.
  3. Emotional hot buttons that pushes the customer for action gets better results
  4. Create stories that make customers think about your product or service you want.
  5. Create a strong feeling of emotion.
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