Good brochure design need to be interactive and communicative


A Brochure is an informative document that could be either in a pamphlet form, leaflet etc. These are advertising materials which are used by an Organization to market them. It contains the information about its services, its products, any events such as conferences/ meets etc.

Brochures play an important role in reaching to the customers/ patients. It does advertising of the organization or any events or of its services/ products. These brochures are read by number of the users. It creates the image of the organization. Patients will come to the Hospital only if they like the services, or if the services which are needed by them are there in the specific hospital.

Designing of brochures, should be done in a specific way. The content, the design, the color, the length of the content, the material of the paper used etc makes a big difference for the customers.

The Material

The paper, in which the brochure needs to be printed, can be of different material 7 of different sizes. There are different materials in the market. We need to specifically choose the material which will pass on our message. Material could be either glossy or plain, it could be either laminated, embossed or UV effect etc depends on the matter to be published or the image or capability of the organization.

There might be number of brochures, pamphlets of different organizations. But only few stand out from the rest. Now here comes the question…why???

Since the design are done in an appropriate way. Not messy, not to elaborate, not too extra rich, etc. It should be always kept simple; it should reflect the image of the organization.

The Content/ Information

The Healthcare brochure needs to be very much communicative. Since it is said to be a way of communication, the matter printed in the brochure should be informative too. The brochure should have specific content. The matter should not be too long or not too small. It should be just specific. The content has to be written in simple language as the customers need to understand and remember. The medical terminology used in the content should be very specific and simple. Since the customers of healthcare sector are of all kinds.

The information regarding the services or its products should be very clear. It should be interactive. It should make the people think; only then our purpose of designing the brochure and giving it to the customer will make sense.

Important Things

The information provided in the brochure should be the core. The rest of the matter such as the font, the color, the tagline etc should be mentioned in accordance with the information provided. If we want to promote a hospital, then its corporate brochure should contain its logo, tagline, the information about the hospital, the services, tariffs, the  direction etc. it should also contains image of the hospital since with this the people will be able to relate more. They can identify the hospital more easily.

For example, if we are designing the brochures for any of the medical conference, the information provided in it need to be very clear such as the date, time, venue, the topic, the speaker, Sponsor, the registration fees etc should be mentioned. So that the customer will be clear and prepared about the event.

If we design a patient information leaflet on specific disease, it should contain few important points such as what is the disease, its symptoms, its causes, the ways to treat it, the place to get treatment etc. the matter should be crisp and clear. We could also provide some images, since images speak more than the words. It will make the people to think more. This way we could make the brochures more informative and communicative.

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