Hospital branding – Engaging the customers is the key

Today most consumers skip the TV advertisement; unsubscribe from newsletter; rarely open the direct mails; request for Do Not Disturb service and rarely read the brochure; now what we need to do deliver the message.

Consumers have multiple choices and branding has to be deeply personalized and one that fits for all is a history. Brand managers need to understand the customers, their likes, passion, goals, problems and more importantly they need to understand the unique service that add value to customer’s life, lifestyle and healthcare needs. The current trend in marketing is about providing added value and earning customer loyalty instead of simply pounding a message into consumer’s heads and hoping it will stick.

Brand Communication

When the brand communication arose the interest among the suspected customers then percentage of customer conversion is much more than the traditional advertisements. Blogs, social media, SEO strategies, optimized emails, and landing pages are all ways that can reach customers who seek for similar service. The brand communication starts with understanding the customer’s issues and passions. Clear brand communication can win big returns; customer acquisition, greater cost efficiencies, big ROI, and below average costs per lead compared to traditional marketing techniques.

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