Logo design is not just Aesthetic


A Logo is not a brand of an organization. A logo identifies itself as a mark or a design of an organization. Before understanding what a logo is, we should first understand what it is used for? It does not directly or indirectly sells the company, neither has it described the company. Logos are there to identify not to explain. A logo identifies it business or a product in a simple way.

Logo is not just an aesthetic; it has got more meaning to it. Logo becomes an identity of an organization. Customer tries to remember the logo/ the image. The image or the icon should convey the message; it should just not be an ordinary image.


Before selecting the color, the designers need to first understand the psychology of the colors, since colors speak out different meanings. Color offers a direct method for conveying a meaning and message. It is a powerful non-verbal form of communication, and the subconscious messages we get from color shape our thoughts.

With time, the identity of a color becomes as important as a brand. Sometimes the color makes your brand distinct from the competitors. Engaging your customers/ or patients through colors will create and emotional and long lasting impression on their minds. This will remain longer, and suffice the needs of the organization.


The font should be carefully selected; it becomes a vital element of brand identity. The font of the logo can either convey the message to the customers or just put them off. The font could be either modern or traditional. There are lots of options. The brand identity font will have an influence on the customers and aid in creating the first and the last impression to the customers/ patients.

The one font of the brand which remains remembered for long are the ones which could be read easily.


A Healthcare Logo designs should have 5 principles i.e. Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, & Appropriate. A Simple logo design will help the patients or its customers to easily recognize and makes it memorable.

Memorable: Logo should be designed appropriate and simple. This makes it memorable for the patients. But the logo should have a meaning, a message to pass on, by which its patients/customers identifies it.

Timeless: the logo design should be for years and years. People should be able to recognize the logo just by a sight of it. The best example of a timeless logo would be Manipal hospitals. It has not changed from years and years. It has marked a niche identity of itself in the minds of its patients.

Versatile: An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. The logo should be functional. The logo should be able to work both in horizontal and vertical formats.

Appropriate: Appropriateness of a logo comes with the font, its size its schemes used. When designing a healthcare logo, the specialty of the hospital should be kept in mind, the message what the Hospital wants to pass it to their customers should be justified. The color should also be able to reflect the message.

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