Many a times organization failed to know which employee actually works

There was a farmer who had a horse and goat. One day the horse become ill and he called the veterinarian who examined and said that the horse is having a viral infection. The doctor suggests three days medicine. Veterinarian promised to be back on fourth day and he suggested the killing of horse on day 4 if the disease is not controlled.

Nearby the goat listened closely to their conversation and immediately went to the horse and told Be strong..My friend, Please get up fast, This is not a big disease you can recover easily. 

On day two there was no much improvement and as instructed by the veterinarian the farmer gave the medicine and left. The goat said come on buddy, I will help you to get up… Let’s go One, Two, Three… Horse was unable to move on the second day also…

On the third day the farmer gave medicine and informed the veterinarian that the horse is not cured, and then he suggests the farmer to kill the horse to avoid spreading of virus. Immediately goat went to the horse and told Its now or never!, Get up, show courage! Come on Get up! Get up. Horse slowly got up and started to run slowly.

Tears fell from the goat eyes and suddenly the farmer came and saw the horse running, he shouted miracle, my horse is cured with veterinarian medicine.

Immediately he called the veterinarian and arranges the grant feast. Farmer asked his workers to cook the goat for the party.

Moral of the lesson: A quantitative performance appraisal system only will reveal the Truth!

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