Personal branding is momentous

Personal branding

Means how you showcase yourself to the world. Personal branding should represent who you are, if not, it will be a fake branding in which you need to act, dress up, and behave in a way to show it to others and not for yourself. With the branding people should be able to relate it with you.  Once people start identifying you with a brand, they build a trust for you as well as for the brand /organization.

For example if it’s a branding building of a Doctor

Be yourself

Your brand should be a true reflection of who you are. You should understand what you stand for. What are your strengths and weaknesses?  You should always understand that your customer/ patient connect with you. If you project a fake identity, they will lose hope in you and which in turn could lose the trust in your brand and your organization.

Be committed with your appointments

If you plan to give appointments to your patients, be on time. Respect the value of others time, it is also equally important as yours. If you plan for any meetings or conferences, be punctual to attend it.

Develop engagements

Be open for communication, if you plan to build your own brand, you should be able to speak on regular basis. Talk politely with your patients/ customers; listen to what they would like to share. Encourage them. Show that you care for your patients. Be polite to other staffs/ employees, treat them as equals. Consider & sympathize with your patients if they aren’t able to pay your fees. Saving a life is more important than anything else.

Always be a learner

Even if you are an expertise in your field, you still require to get updated with the latest technologies, new information’s, new studies, new cases etc. It takes time to build a brand, so if you fail to stay relevant with the upgrading you will not be growing. Therefore it will effect your brand.

Have your own website

Find time to go online, keep your website up to date. Make some time to chat or answer queries of your patients. Encourage the viewers to share their queries. Be quick to respond with valid information. Provide information on your website if there is any new launch of products or services of your organization. This will aid your customers/ patients to understand your practice more.

These important steps will help you to build up your brand. Once it is achieved customers/ patients will perceive you in a similar manner.

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