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Product Branding

Product branding is how a product interacts with its consumer through its design, logo, and tagline. If the branding of a product is done well it can survive for long, with a good brand reflection in the minds of customers. Branding of product strengthen its emotional connection with its customers, helps to retain the customers and creates high brand awareness.

A product is a specific brand or a service of an organization. Each product of an organization is unique from other product; each has its own value.

A true product branding is creating an identity that reflects the actual need of the customers. Customers will develop a brand loyalty when their needs are met. The product should be branded in such as way that it becomes a household name.

With too much of customers, branding of a product is become too difficult; Branding of a product was easier when there were no websites, social media channels, smart phones etc. since there were only few mediums to reach to customers. Today, we need to make our product different from the others. We need prove our product best in front of our customers. So it’s a difficult challenge to build a brand and make it to survive for long.

A strong product brand will help to generate referrals, now a day’s people love to wear branded clothes, eat specific brand products and they constantly tell about the specific brand which they prefer.  They talk about their favorite brands. On the other hand, people will not talk about any product which they won’t like. Therefore a strong branding of product will help in generating referrals.

A strong product helps you to connect emotionally with your customers. They feel good when they buy a product they like, or when they experience a service at a place where they prefer. Purchasing is an emotional experience and having a strong product brand helps people feel good at an emotional level when they engage with the organization.

Visual image of a product

Visual image of a product includes its color, materials used, icons, graphic used etc. Visual image should speak itself. Visual image is actually said to be a king. Research says that if a customer touches a product, the chances are more that the customer will buy the same product. The sensory awareness created by a touch, creates an emotional connection with the product.

Advertising/ marketing a product

Marketing or advertising a product plays a very important role since marketing displays the product in front of the customers. It shows what the product actually is, marketing sells the product’s message, the quality, its features etc.  So while preparing a strategy for advertising the product, it should be kept in mind what exactly the product wants to communicate, what the product is focusing on, who are the customers / end users and how the advertising will reflect in the minds of customer.

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