Few steps for Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding involves marketing of various products or services under the name of a company. The core of every brand is a pledge for those we serve. It’s a promise to offer a product / services consistently without losing its quality. Before establishing the corporate brand, the organization should identify few things such as who you are? What you do? Why do you do it? And for whom you do it? It is actually a promise to your customers and what your customers expect from the company to deliver.

Corporate logo

Corporate logo is a visual piece of the corporate brand. Your customer should identify you with your brand. The quality of your product/ service should be displayed through the corporate logo.

For example, what comes in your mind when you see a KFC logo or Fortis logo, Volkswagen logo? These corporate have a strong, recognizable brand, since everything they do is branded.   You can never see a KFC logo in yellow or black. Their website, social media channels, their TV ads, even their meal packs etc comes in a same color and same logo.

These is the same case with all the mentioned corporate brands, they maintain same font, same punchline, and same logo in all their promotions.

Few steps for Corporate Brand Building

Perform an audit of your brand

Before you fix on anything, you need to first identify and evaluate your strength and weakness, analyze your tagline, your message given to the customers, identify how your website looks, analyze the print ads etc

Redefine your promise

You need to actually have a brain storming session. Make it clear what exactly your company stands for, what is your vision, mission, your products/ services, your promise etc.

Develop new marketing strategy

Developing a strong marketing strategy can add significant values in helping the entire organization to develop long term vision; it will help to create unique position of the company and its brands in the market and it will help the corporate to be different than rest of its competitors.

Get everyone on board

Pass on the message to all the employees, so that even they will be aware of the vision, mission and the promise they have to deliver to the customer. Ask your staffs for suggestion or any comments if they would like to. This will help in branding your corporate organization.

Design your own logo. For some it may be using their own old logo and updating it to better represent the company’s values.

Implement the strategy

Start practicing the vision, mission and values which you have finalized on. Make sure that your employees also follow the same.  Make sure that you use your well defined and designed logo and tagline for years. With this your customers will start identifying you and relating with your tagline.

Benefits of corporate branding is, it will help you in defining your corporate goals, build trust from the customers. The company’s brand carries its responsibility and guarantees the quality of the product. Therefore a very strong branding can help the entire organization to lead very successful and sustainable financial results.

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